An open letter to my Grandmother on her 80th birthday

Dear Grandma,


Happy 80th Birthday. I know you don’t like a ton of attention so I’ll make this quick.


I want to say simply that we would not be here, not a single one of us, if it weren’t for you. Not just because you have an odd talent for birthing lots of babies but because…. Once upon a time there was a girl, a ballerina and she was beautiful and strong and smart and courageous. And she drew people to her. And she got married and she had a crap load of kids.


We live in a world where we point at the art on the wall and we applaud the artist and we attach a value to the work and only later, if it comes to mind, do we wonder what made all that art possible.


If Grandpa was here today I’m pretty sure he would agree that you are and always have been the paint to his brush, the thread of the canvas. You’re the muse and what made us all possible.


We give a lot off attention to accomplishments. We boast about them, fight for them and judge each other by them. I hope as we celebrate your birthday today what we can give you is to be reminded that we are living, breathing accomplishments. We’re your accomplishments and we should remember with every choice we make, everything we do, we’re a reflection of you. 


You are the ballerina and we are your company. May we all remember with every step to make you look good.


Love always,


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3 responses to “An open letter to my Grandmother on her 80th birthday

  1. Jessica,,,you definitely are an accomplishment of grandma,,,it makes us middle generation so proud of our children,,,you are all amazing!!!

  2. This is beautiful Jessica,,,you are a talented young woman and a living tribute to your Grandmother!

  3. Abdul khaliq

    Beautiful grandmom,……miss u r love lot birthday to you me your unknown son from India…,i have no grand mom u r my grand mom

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